River’s Edge Virtual Chorus

We miss singing with you! This holiday season, while we’re unable to make music together in person, we’re inviting our entire community to be a part of the first River’s Edge Virtual Chorus.

Manoj Padki and Karen Bishop of REHarmonix (REAA’s own a cappella chorus) have come up with 3 SATB a cappella songs to sing together as a community. [Thanks to Brenda Haggerty, Karen, and Manoj for the learning tracks.]

Song List:
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Jingle Bells
Joy to the World

Submission deadline extended! Videos due in by December 7.

Here’s how to join us!

How To Record Your Part

Step 1: Learn your part
Visit the Virtual Chorus Google drive. Play the learning track of your choice and sing along with it – matching notes, words and breaths.

Step 2: Record your audio
Once you are comfortable with your part, record yourself on a smartphone’s recording app (such as iphone’s Voice Memo). You will play the learning track on one device (such as your PC or tablet) and listen to it through headphones – and record yourself on another device (such as a smartphone). Listen to your recording. Once you are satisfied with the quality (which will usually take a number of takes!), upload it to the appropriate folder on Google Drive. Then right-click on the file and rename it with your name and the voice part of the recording (e.g., ManojTenor).

Step 3: Record your video
Using your smartphone or another device, record a video of you singing along with your audio track. We will be using your audio from Step 2 and scrubbing audio from this video recording, so feel free to have fun with the video! Once you are satisfied with the video recording, upload it to the appropriate folder on Google Drive, and we’ll handle the rest!

E-mail reharmonix@upwitharts.org with any questions! Hope to hear from you soon!