It takes a village to build a thriving arts scene!

Want to help ensure that the programming we offer continues for generations to come? 

Your financial support provides arts education, theater and music productions, visual and interactive exhibitions, cultural outreach, and community events for all ages.  Every donation makes an immediate impact and increases the vitality of our community!  I want to contribute!

Why do we need your help?

Because funding for the arts is constantly at risk, and we need your help to keep costs low and the arts accessible to all.




Because the arts help fuel our local economy.




Because arts education makes a demonstrable impact in students’ lives, during school and beyond.


Because you want to see the arts thrive in our community, so that our community can thrive.


Your gift will be put to work immediately, in Hudson and the surrounding community, to support programs you know and love, as well as to help build new programs that respond to the community’s needs.

In the last year alone, support from donors like you helped us make a real impact:

As a small nonprofit organization, we can tell you that every single gift makes a difference. Give now, at any level you can, and help us create community and enrich lives through the arts.