Synergia (Art, Local History & Poetry)


Synergia is a moveable exhibit of Local History, Poetry, Art and Theater
Synergy comes from the Greek word synergic, meaning joint work and cooperative
action. Synergy is when the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergy is
created when things work in concert together to create an outcome that is in some way of more value than the total of what the individual input is.

As we grow as a cultural society, it is imperative that we find innovative
ways to blend our resources to increase the awareness of the arts
and our culture in any way we can. Massachusetts is a state rich in history,
culture and the performing, literary and visual arts. We need to work tirelessly
towards a vision larger than ourselves and engage whole communities in more
profound ways.

By utilizing the blend of history, literature and art, we not only educate our
community about our past, but engage the living and breathing artists in our
hometowns to help perpetuate the knowledge of that history to our future

How it worked:
Representatives from participating local historical societies or councils in
the immediate area gave a 10 minute talk about one historical element
in their town such as a building, family, business, landmark, item, figure or
event which they feel best represents the towns’ history. Literary artists were
then asked to respond to the historical element by writing a poem of 40 lines or
less, visual artists were asked to create an artistic piece utilizing oils, acrylics,
pastels, pen and ink or watercolors which can be displayed on an easel about
responding to one particular historical element which strikes their interest,
and local playwrights were asked to respond by creating a short monologue
or scene which will be performed by a local actor(s).

The pieces were sent to the River’s Edge Arts Alliance and brought to the next
meeting where poems, visual arts pieces and monologues or short scenes were
swapped between literary and visual artists. The artists then took the swapped
piece assigned to them and created a corresponding poem or visual art piece
for the moveable exhibit which began at Hudson’s historic Town Hall.

Click here for the 2014 Synergia Program Book.


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